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Campbell L Sangster

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Me &This Ghost - Campbell L Sangster
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Campbell L Sangster


Campbell L. Sangster is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool aka Lein Sangster, their songs are beautifully crafted pop laments elegantly and simply constructed , woven with heartfelt passion that are both melancholic and celebratory . Adding to the three studio albums already out there with other music projects , Campbell L Sangster releases the long awaited debut solo album  in 2022 to compliment the single Odds are Stacked presented with a Lyncheque pop video capturing Sangster in a dreamy summer timeless way. They released  a single called me  Me & This Ghost  summer 2021

Sangster previously recorded as Bad Anorak 404, the acclaimed second album in 2006 LP All In Miniature is jam-packed with gorgeous jazz/folk ballads and blues numbers mixing Brill Building classic compositions with odd pop DIY experimentation. At times Bad Anorak 404 came across like Keyboard Money Mark backing Terry Callier or Julie London singing the Broadcast songbook. Uncut described it as ‘an intrepid, boundlessly rewarding delight’

 Dipping in the past of their music career its worth mentioning that Sangster fronted a  group called  Kit an out queer band in the homophobic late 80s, they recorded 4 singles and an album Unshakeable Faith. Liz Naylor writer / NME music journalist at that time said of them ‘Kit make a tough, emotionally indefinable music that carried a lineage from Fred Neil, Laura Nyro and Patti Smith reimagined as the Go-Betweens from Liverpool one of the great underground outfits of the late 1980s '

Cherry Red rereleased Kit’s second single Cheatin’ my Heart on the C89 Compilation in 2019.

Sangster also writes for screen and has wrote soundtracks for an impressive number of documentary and  indie film features and continues to do this along side writing songs. 

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